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Jaiden Mitchell

Los Alamitos High School

"Los Alamitos Class of 2020"

Jaiden, I’ve waited for this day since the day you started school. Never would have thought we would be here today writing this. But there are greater things that lies ahead for you…love Mom

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Anonymous says:

Nephew you were always a quiet guy but you always made a presence, continue on making a presence wherever your heart leads you I love you and I’m so proud as you should be❤❤❤
CLASS OFF 2020🎉🎈🏆🥇🎮🎭🏈🌏🧭

Kiya says:

Congrads Jaiden!!🥳 Keep movin forward🙌🏾🎓

Keisha M. says:

Congratulations Jaiden.🎉👨🏽‍🎓.. no matter what’s going on you made it and you’ve done very well throughout the school year. Keep on keeping on… much love 🎉

Sandy Johnson says:

So proud of your success Jaiden and you too Shira because his success is yours too. I know it’s not the way u wanted to end your senior year but continue to reach for the stars and good things will come your way.
Uncle Calvin and Auntie Sandy. Love you💓

Yolanda Mitchell says:

Nephew I am so proud of you! I remember the day you entered into this world and coming home from the hospital…to watching you grow up into a well mannered, respectable and responsible young man. My heart is overwhelmed with joy and excitement for your future as this chapter in your life ends and your adulthood begins. I am anxiously anticipating to watch you chase your
dreams and live them out loud. I can’t wait until you graduate from college and go into the Olympic’s. I will be there with my sign up😆💯! Love you!
Always your biggest fan!
Auntie Landa

Dad says:

Congratulations Son, you did it. The journey hasn’t been easy, but with hard work and resilience, you overcame every obstacle. When overlooked at times, you give up and became a superstar. When you didn’t get the help you needed, you found a way to pass your assignments. Take that tenacity with you throughout life and remember no one can stop the greatness inside of you. I celebrate the beginning on many accomplishments with you. Proud of ya and love you with all my heart!!